Parish Staff & Helpers

Parish Priest Fr Ulick Loring: Contact 

After Mass refreshments: Laura Grimwood

Alpha and The Gift:  Kym Richards

Altar Servers Rota: Sarah Prain

Parish Safeguarding Representative: Shelagh Willis  Contact 020 8744 1504

Choir:  Joanna Saunders

Cleaning: Jacinta Doyle and Sarah Fraser

Christmas Day Lunch: Joanna Saunders

Christmas Presents for the Housebound: Martha Dempsey

Confirmation: Stephen Wasmuth

Finance Committee: Jane Leigh (Chair), James de Wilde (Accountant)

First Holy Communion:Elsie McClelland and Claire Mabbutt

Flowers: Maggie Tague, Kathy Greaney,

Gift Aid Officers: Jane Leigh & Diana Gibbons

Mini Cats (Catechesis during Mass): Catherine Dunningham

Mother & Toddlers: Jennifer Parker

Organists;  Andy Steven, Harold Lester, and Chris King

Parish Caretaker: Alan Tullet  

Parish Council: Janet Thomas (Chair) Stephen Wasmuth (Vice-Chair)

Permanent Deacon (retired): Rev Nick Reynolds (Portsmouth)

Readers/Extraordinary Ministers Rota: Janet Ryle

Sick visiting: Lourdes Cornthwaite

Social Committee: Patricia McGoldrick

Website:  Luke Davies

Youth Club: Stephen Wasmuth-