Under present government regulations no baptisms are permitted except in emergencies. If you wish to arrange a baptism in the future, please notify us and your name will be added to a waiting list.  You will be contacted when present outstanding baptisms have been carried out and/or processed.

To arrange a baptism for your child please e-mail the the parish Office on:

Please state your postal address in your initial email. We seek three months notice. You will receive an application form electronically which you should return to the parish in the same way.  A preparation class for parents is arranged normally on the first Tuesday of the month, and you will be contacted about this.  At this meeting all arrangements will be made (including a date.). Baptisms normally take place on Saturdays at 12 noon, or Sundays at 3pm. On occasions they may take place during a Sunday Mass.

Parents who have already held a baptism at St James’s should attend the meeting in order to finalise details.  At least one godparent must be a Catholic.  A non-baptised person may not be a godparent though they may be involved in the service.   You are expected to make a donation to the church.  The recommended amount is £50 which we ask to be gift aided.  You will be presented with a Baptism certifcate on the day.  This should be kept with other official papers.

The parish has produced a Baptism preparation DVD  directed by Ed Wright and narrated by Paul Foster and is available price £12.50 from the parish office.  It lasts 16 minutes.  It is entitled Our Child’s Baptism: the Spirit of Water.

There will be no Baptism preparation classes during August.